Extension Visa Viet Nam type C1
Vietnam extension tourist visa, Extension visa tipe C1 granted Ambassy or international airport, Visa granted provincial Immigration Department of Immigration in Viet Nam.

Vietnam Visa type C1, this visa is for tourists. Visa granted C1 easy at Vietnam Embassy or the international border. Visa C1 is usually a period of 1 month from the date of entry.
Customers using C1 visa when a visa expires can to provincial Immigration Department of Immigration to renew the visa.
Extension Vietnam Visa type C1 is very easy 1 month or 3 month extension if the customer needs. To renew the visa type C1 customers need to provide us with the following information:

1 . Where your visa type C1 granted ?
2 . Time and date of expiry
3 . Port of entry into Vietnam .
4 . Extended time period required

You send the information to us via email: thientantravel@gmail.com
Or contact us directly to our support online :
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Support Online Yahoo & Skype: visavietnamonlines

Our company will continue to receive information, advice and a quote for you. When you are agree to provide us with the original passport, your address in Viet Nam after about 8 working days you have new visa. Our company is incorporated with the Immigration Office, Immigration Department and manage the police station gate will ensure the long-term visa at Vietnam customers the most favorable .