[url=http://socialviralwizard.net/blog-defender-2014-review-get-70-discount-should-buy-it]Blog Defender 2014[/url] safe the WP website from hackers, 15+ step by step guide movies, among list & provide as being a solution in order to offline clients…

BlogDefender 2014 is really a follow through on super effective BlogDefender 2012/the year 2013 wherein 0 customer base revealed buying hacked. And ever improving botnet assaults BlogDefender is completely rewritten in order to safeguard consumers among even stronger cloaking & exclusion plan for wrong visitors.

We’ve also gone on lawn roots out of WordPress Security this present year we have the best special report at hosts, themes & plugins – .

Unique Selling guidelines – Mostly unique in order to 2014 item:

one. Stealth Mode – Disables ‘Tell story’ WordPress signals in order to massively minimize bot assaults
two. Anti False Spider - Blocks popular information thieves & data miners
three. Obstructs popular Scumbags – Obstructs popular insects having a block list
4. Obstructs Bad Behavior – Obstructs common tips hackers use to buy access
five. Professional-active Defence - learn how to test themes & plugins for common security dangers
6. Automatic news – revision WP main/ plugins immediately