[url=http://socialviralwizard.net/video-jeet-review-get-70-discount-should-buy-it]Video Jeet Review[/url] is software that allows you to very easily create, self-updating video blogs with either WordPress or even writer. Help push targeted visitors, boost SEO positions, and much in just moments! Contest rewards, plus the whole funnel, plus additional can be located on JV page.

Intergrates with limitless writer plus self-hosted WordPress blogs
Scan Youtube to locate all the movies available (therefore automating all your curation re-browse)
Allows you to modify their name, text, plus tags of the movies
Adds your customized telephone call to action plus embed code (assuming you really want) to each video
Posts directly to your blog (meaning little log-ing entering writer or perhaps WordPress)
Pings their search engines to get your blog posts crawled plus ranked quicker
Twitter posts your new blog posts towards supporters
Allows you to do all the it manually on a video-by just-video fundamental or perhaps automatically hence it’s all the “put-plus-forget”
Can easily automatically post one emerging video each 15 moments to five hours