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Chong Promontory - Po Nagar Towers
Nha Trang Cathedral - Da Lo Pagoda - Mudbath
Exclusive Comfort & Luxury

Full day in Nha Trang

Pick up at your hotel by a brand new Nha Trang Limousine and spend the whole day in absolute luxury while taking in the most significant cultural and historical sights in the area. You will visit Hon Chong Promontory, rich and myth and history, followed by the nearby Po Nagar Towers, dating back to the 7th Century AD. Then head to the center of Buddhist life in Nha Trang, the impressive Long Son Pagoda with its 24 meter White Buddha Statue. From there we head to the countryside to the Da Lo Pagoda and lunch at local restaurant. After lunch, we travel to one of Vietnam's most famous attractions, the I-Resort Mudbath for an afternoon with a difference. You will be travelling by luxury limousine with full mini-bar, WIFI, and entertainment system. So you will be both comfortable and want for nothing.
Only $128pp for group of two

Transfer by Nha Trang Limousine
Full mini bar onboard
WiFi - Stereo - LCD
Lunch at countryside restaurant
Bottle of wine
Mudbath & hotspring

Essential Escape
A romantic highland town

The hill town of Dalat is one of the most unique places in Vietnam. Set in the low mountains south west of Nha Trang, vegetable plantations, fruit orchards, and waterfalls add to the allure of this former French retreat. Cool valleys, lakes, and a small-town pace have made Dalat a place not to be missed. At only 130 kilometers from Nha Trang, it's a short drive in your own chauffeured car with a tour guide, taking in breathtaking mountain views. Sites in Dalat include Xuan Huong Lake, Valley of Love, Prenn Waterfalls, Truc Lam Temple, Bao Dai Villa and the City Flower Garden.

Only $188pp for group of two
Transfer by Nha Trang Limousine
Vietnamese noodle “Pho”
Full mini bar onboard
WiFi - Stereo - LCD
Vietnamese lunch
Bottle of wine at the City Flower Garden.
Bottle of wine

Nha Trang City Tour by Night
Hotel - Tran Phu Bridge - Pham Van Dong - 2/4 Street
Long Beach Pearl - Feast@ Sheraton – Hotel
Exclusive Comfort & Luxury

Any city takes on a new ‘feel’ once the sun goes down and Nha Trang is no different. The bay comes alive with fishing boats, the lights come on and the streets begin to ‘buzz’. So why not join a tour run by locals ‘in the know’ and see the highlights.

Only $69pp

Chauffeured Nha Trang Limousine
Tour guide
Bottle of wine
Full mini bar onboard
WIFI- Stereo - LCD
Buffet Dinner @ Sheraton

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