Trung tâm ATHENA cần tuyển Windows/Linux Server Administrator
(đi làm việc on-site tại Australia, UK, US, JP )
Job Description :
- Performing administration tasks for Linux and/or Windows servers such as account management, data backup, software patches upgrade, performance tuning, storage allocation, system maintenance
- Setup & maintenance email system, web server, DNS server and other corporate services for a company

- Manage Windows and/or Linux servers
- Proactive maintenance and monitoring system for high availability, reliability
- Provide technical support, troubleshooting and solving user’s problems
- Document about working environment, managed systems
- Setup and operate Windows and/or Linux based server systems
- Manage end user accounts, permissions, access rights, and also storage allocations in accordance with best-practices regarding privacy, security, and also regulatory compliance
- Analyze system, server, application, network, and also input/output device performance
- Recommend, schedule, and also perform software hardware improvements, upgrades, patches, re-configurations, and/or purchases
Opportunities :
- Work in a professional environment with technical experts and friendly colleagues
- Work directly with foreign customers around the world
- Go on-site Australia, UK, US, JP for training and working
Required skills/Experience :
- Ability to learn new things fast
- Be able to work independently and under high pressure
- Strong administration skills of Windows servers 2008/2012 and/or Linux servers (RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu)
- Good in problem-solving and troubleshooting
- Good networking background
- Good English communication skills, TOEIC 500
- Familiar with scripting languages (Perl, Bash, Batch, PowerShell, etc.)
- Familiar with virtualization technologies (KVM, Xen, VMWare), cloud computing (AWS, Windows Azure)
- Having certificates (e.g. MCSA, MCSE, MCITP, LPI, CCNA, CCNP) is a plus
Years of experiences : 2-5 years
Number of resources : 05 Windows, 02 Linux
Contact : Trung Tâm ATHENA - 92 Nguyễn Đình Chiểu,Đakao, quận 1, tp HCM
Tel : 094 320 00 88 - 094 323 00 99 ( ưu tiên cho các ứng viên đã từng học tập hoặc thực tập tại trung tâm ATHENA) bấm vào đây để xem thêm thông tin tuyển dụng
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Hotline : 094 320 00 88 - 094 323 00 99
-92 Nguyễn Đình Chiểu, phường Đa Kao, Quận1, Tp HCM. (Gần ngã tư Đinh Tiên Hoàng - Nguyễn Đình Chiểu) .
Điện thoại: 094 320 00 88 - 094 323 00 99-(08)38244041-(08)22103801
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