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Things Your Nail Salon Doesn't Want You to Know

Spending anywhere from $10 - $45 a pop for a manicure and $15 - $50 for a pedicure (not including tip),Your nails create big beauty salon business., your weekly or monthly salon visits are costing you precious pampering dollars. No wonder it's a six billion dollar a year industry.

Things your nail salon doesn't want you to know

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As you can imagine, the money you spend on these little luxuries is very important to the salon industry, meaning they will do whatever it takes to keep you coming back for more. While sometimes "whatever it takes" is going above and beyond excellent service, cleanliness and technique, it can also mean cutting corners and deceiving the salon layman in order to keep costs down and business booming.

And not to totally scare you, but what's supposed to be a luxurious treat, can sometimes turn into your worst nightmare -- think skin eating diseases and infections. While yes, millions of women get manicures each year and don't experience any serious or life-threatening side effects, you'd be naive to believe that it could never happen to you. Nail salons that have been insufficiently cleaned or performed bad sanitization practices, as well as ones with inadequately trained nail technicians, could be a breeding ground for bacteria and a dangerous place for you to "unwind."

Which is why we went straight to the pros who know -- nail technicians and a podiatrist in order to uncover the secrets nail salons don't want you to know. Read on to learn how to save money at the salon, your nails and possibly your life. | | || | | || | ||| |