FI-VOF series fiber optic Video/Data/Audio transceiver supports any high resolution dynamic or stationary picture high-fidelity transmit. It also can be anti-disturbance against several signals, environment, and work stably. It is widely used in security monitoring and control, high way, electronical policy management, automation control, intelligent residential districts and so on.
It can work shortly after it is installed. You could select any date interface by set. It is connected easily and it can indicate power supply, link, video, also adjust video. There are two way installation kits available: stand-alone and rack mounted.
It can be used in varios ways, for example:
· Intelligent transportation system;
· High speed way video monitoring and control system;
· Toll monitoring and control system;
· Close circuit TV industry monitoring and control;
· TV program switching channel transmit;
· High-fidelity video conference system;
· Security monitoring and control system.

· Completely digital fiber transmit platform;
· No need to configuration or any adjusting during the instalation, user friendly design;
· Based on self copyright IC;
· No interference between analog in adjusting channel, picture and range;
· Four steps filtering;
· Completely digital, broadcast transmition efficiently managed by specific IC;
· High speed 10/100M Ethernet channel;
· Full speed asynchronous date channel;
· Flexible configuration on the same platform;
· Power supply, link, video by dynamic indication;
· Self-adapt in PAL, NTSC, SECAM standards;
· ASIC based design;
· Transmit distance: up to 80KM;
· Power supply: 220v,-48v,+24, +12v,+5 (optional), any specific on requqest;
· Two installation types: stand-alone wall method or rack mounted in 19 inches 2U chassis;
· Special MINI type design for limited space enclosures!


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