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[h=2][B]Explaindio Video Creator Info[/B][/h]Maker: Todd Gross et al
Product: Explaindio Video Creator
Release Date: 2014-11-11
Release Time: 11:00 EST
Front-End Price: $37
Sales Page: Click Here
Niche: Software
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[h=2][B]First, who’s the Author of Explaindio Video Creator?[/B][/h]
ExplaindioTodd Gross is the man behind Explaindio . He’s a well known online marketer, Video Marketing Expert & a Consultant for CNBC who makes stand up videos & custom pro voice overs.
He teaches people who’re working in online marketing field how you can use video marketing ways to grow their websites.
He’s been “on camera” for most of his life on tv like CNBC, Boston & WHDH-TV.
[h=3][B]What is Explaindio Video Creator[/B][/h]
Explaindio Video Creator is video making software as you haven’t seen before.
This revolutionary software includes the next generation animated and sketch/whiteboard technologies that drove THE two Greatest releases of 2014 on JVZOO!
VideoMakerFX is #1 the bestselling JVzoo product this 2014 year and it creates videos from animations.
EasySketchPro is #2 bestselling JVzoo product this 2014 year and it creates videos from sketches.
Explaindio Video Creator creates videos from animations & sketches in one software, it does not stop there.
This MEGA team of the Top affiliates in the video space has been working Uber-hard to deliver a highly scalable & functional video creation product that is ensured to impress!

[B]The difference between video creators Explaindio is, easily sketched Pro 2 & VideoMakerFX?[/B]

Price is onetime payment of $ 67, including franchises.
Features: You can create a whiteboard animation & video, change the color of your video elements. It comes with a Music Library & Library of cartoon samples screened.
When you come to create video whiteboard, you can choose only 6 different slide slide that you want to include in your video creation.
You can not use to convert text from sketch VideoMakerFX video live video, change the size of the elements to create your video & slide Imports from other video producers.
It does not come with the Character Creator, Sketch image library, Marketplace, and the Library of hand sketches.
it can not make the hand drawing a picture or add text or images on the slides of various options.
[I][B]Easy Sketch Pro 2.0[/B][/I]
Price is $ 29 and if you want to obtain a commercial license, you must pay an extra charge of 69 USD.
It comes with the same features that are aggressively in VideoMakerFX, but the only additional feature is that it comes with video features text outline to live video.
Price will be $ 29.95 for the first few hours after the release of the software includes the commercial license, then the price will rise to $ 37 only 4 days and then it will raise a boost.
It comes with the same features included in Video Maker FX, in addition, it will contain the Character Creator, Marketplace, different video background and all the above features.
Product video Explaindio Creator is very professional and the largest choice for you. I really want you to start today with total peace of mind on your investment is backed by a full 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee. If you get in, then NOW is the time. Because prices are rising because some other people buy. thanks you for visiting disappear completely, back, and get this for a higher price. but it will be worth every penny. Do you foresee that? GET Explaindio video created in the deepest PRICE NOW … !!!

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[TD="width: 64"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcIIRv1GzzY&feature=youtu.be[/TD]