So there you have it. He began to pay civil service law. Yes, the law that was owed Czech Republic since its establishment. One law has existed in the past period. It was the law of 2002, but never regained full effect. He lived to see the full effect to the law, which Parliament approved in the past year. Thanks to this law has become [b]seri [url=]Tom And Jerry 2015 - Cartoon [/url] funny[/b] de-politicization of public administration and because it does not lead to radical variations in the ministries for new elections. Consequently, they will no longer create space for friends and will not be able substituting there. At least it will not be so easy. However, there was a very interesting phenomenon another. This phenomenon is that the current government will be closed for the next few years. At least until the next election to the Chamber of Deputies in 2017. As to what actually happened and what will the consequences?


It happened in the course of discussing the Civil Service Act in 2014. The law clearly says that the state administration to the new regime will be getting used to a few years. Specifically, two years from the effective date. In addition, the current ruling coalition tried for various posts "push" their friends and it was because the government "set in concrete" and officials will not be easy to withdraw from their positions. It is the current government is betting so we can read, for example, that most deputies at the ministry of foreign affairs and generally occurred in all ministries to increase [b]video [url=]tom jerry[/url] fun[/b] the number of deputy ministers. In 2013, when the current coalition slowly began to dominate, there were a total of 66, and now there are 93. So a very nice increase. A citizen of wonders, these positions were mostly appointed by the people who are in some way connected with this or that government party. But let us return to the number of deputy and as to the other side of there. Ministry argued that there was a cancellation of senior directors and there was a creation of the post of state secretary, who will watch over the entire Ministry. Those 14 and one will be located at the Government Office. So nicely paid jobs are created quite a bit.