Chip 'n Dale has been created by the Walt Disney Company. Their names were suggested by Bill Henson was the artist in the studio story at that time. Originally Chip 'n Dale both have black nose, but no one could tell them apart. So Dale was given a red nose and a black chip. Chip's voice was done by James [b]new clip [url=]chip and dale donald duck[/url] hd[/b] MacDonald 1943-1960 and then by tress MacNeille from 1989 onwards. Dale's voice was done by Dessie Flynn 1943-1960 and then by Corey Burton from 1989 onwards. Chip has been made to be a reasonable plan to do, and Dale has been made to be more dimwitted and stupid. Chip's nose like a chocolate chip, and this helps us know who we are. He has short hair smoother atop his head while Dale was ruffled feathers.

Cartoons their second called Squatters Rights, and they also have to fight poverty Pluto the Dog. Mickey Mouse is in this cartoon, but he does not see chipmunks.
They were animated series of its own in 1950, but only three were made. In 1951, they did Chicken In The Rough. In 1952 they made two Chips And A Miss, and then in 1954 The [b]video [url=]chip and dale 2015[/url] funny[/b] Lone Chipmunks.
Chip 'n Dale only their official name in 1947 in a cartoon called Chip' n Dale Donald Duck where their antagonists. From there they continued to appear in cartoons often annoying and terrorism Donald Duck Poor old.