Our uniforms utilize an extensive range of fabrics and accessories of only the best quality. We hand pick all materials and monitor throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the perfect materials for every garment. School uniforms must be comfortable, long wearing and look great whilst being completely safe for everyday use by growing kids.

With over 16 years of quality service and experience we can provide the ultimate school uniform and pricing to our valued clients. We can control every step in house from enquiry, quotation, design, material acquisition, manufacture and on time delivery - cause of cheap school uniforms.

The end to end nature of our sourcing and manufacture model ensure that our prices are competitive with no compromise on service or quality, school uniform sales. We can provide the best quality uniforms at unbeatable prices on time, every time, regardless of your order size or requirements. school girls uniforms

Head Office

Level 1 , 38 – 40 Byron st. Footscray, VIC 3011.
Australia PO Box 2139. Footscray, VIC 3011
+ 61 3 96877466
+61 3 96877638

Vietnam manufacture

64B Cong Lo rd , ward 15 ,TAN BINH District. Ho Chi Minh city , Vietnam.
+ 84 8 38152209
+ 84 8 38152208


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