Overview of Kindle Wealth Formula

Product Creator : Gaz Cooper

Name of Product: Kindle Wealth Formula

Launch Date: 12 - Apr-2013

Price: $17

Kindle Wealth Formula- About the Author

-Gas Cooper is an expert on Amazon. He has just released their very successful Amazon Ultimate Content pack

Gas Cooper who has launched Amz Authority Zone before and AMZ Ultimate Content (launch on 20-Mar-2013)

Kindle Wealth Formula Features

Gaz Cooper, one of amazon expert production from Warrior Forum has released some Amazon related training and tools.

The Kindle Wealth Formula (KWF) is latest one

Kindle Wealth Formula is a complete course teaching every aspect of Kindle Publishing success without even writing your books.

It covers pre book research for easy success, Advanced Keyword Research for Kindle’s Amazon to hitting #1 with your promotions very fast, so you can make more money every day.

I will give more details of this product soon