TradechanSend PMAdd buddychan(chan)Offline UID13245Thread5657Digest527Credits197060Read Perm.100From Online686 HoursReg. burberry outlet online shop Time1-9-2010Last Visit20-3-2013 ModeratorThread5657Digest527Credits197060Money0 From Reg. Time1-9-20101#PrintSize: tTPost at 16-2-2011 20:48 | Only View AuthorWould you like to marry the "fuerdai" if you are a college girl ?Download (67.18 KB)16-2-2011 20:48A survey conducted by the Guangzhou Women's Federation shows that 59.2 percent of female college students in Guangzhou wants to marry into the "fuerdai" or "rich second generation," the Guangzhou Daily reported Sunday.Ranging from freshmen to seniors, the Guangzhou Women's Federation surveyed 1,burberry wallet price Burberry Outlet sale Online Store by Factory (15),100 female students from 10 universities in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province including Sun Yat-Sen University, South China University of Technology, South China Normal University, and Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.According to the investigation, 38.4 percent of respondents want to marry men who burberry bags have stable jobs and 59.2 percent of them prefer to be married into the "fuerdai."The reason for choosing the latter optiom is that the young women think marrying a rich man can save many years of burberry shopping online hard work. About 30 percent of them believe the saying, "marrying a rich man is better than getting a good salary."However, 68 percent of male college students did not believe in the idea of marrying rich.Liu Shuqian, a professor from Guangzhou University said most female college burberry online sat students prefer to marry rich not only because they love money, but that they would want to marry a rich and considerate man."It's good for the college students to burberry online canada be involved in a serious relationship since they can learn a lot from it," Liu burberry uk added.Different from conventional views, the survey also showed that most female students believe that marriage is not just about being in love with a man.