Beautiful and colorful, wood mosaic art is certainly eye-catching on any surface. The popularity of modern mosaic designs and patterns is such that it has become a part of interior design. Artistic forms of mosaic art can be found on walls and even furniture. Mosaic art is all about the creativity of an artist and how he/she makes beautiful artwork with small pieces of colored stones or even glass and other such materials. This form of art has been seen for years together. This technique is one of the widely used forms from the olden days. History reveals details about this technique.

Romana Mosaic absorbs the folk craftsmen, uses proper processing production work and make completely by hand keep the original face of the old ship wood. The wood mosaic materials are so high class, elegant and generous take to value-added space.

The Romana ancient wood mosaic design is graceful. It gathers practicality, ornamentality and collective function to manifest your taste and standing!

Using Romana Mosaic made from ancient wood as decorating background brings an extremely environmental-friendly simplicity. The easy concept and no decoration keep the wood original characteristics.!vietnam-wood-mosaic/cfvg!ancient-wood-mosaic/cjg9!the-history-of-mosaic-art/c1j7y!top-10-amazing-mosaic-artworks/c58t!wood-mosaic---definitely-back-in-fashion/c21t7!how-to-make-wood-mosaic-wall-art/cw!wood-stone-ceramic-mosaic/c15w7!ancient-wood-mosaic-project/ca3y!old-wood-mosaic/c24vq