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Revolutionizing Social & Tokenized Gambling

The Bet Club is a social first betting approach for anyone and everyone who loves to play iGames, Gamble, and WIN in this high growth $61B industry. Your $BCLUB Tokens provide a community focussed, socially interactive, fair and beneficial way to enjoy and profit from your passion.

Unlocking exclusive DAPP Prediction Games, with FREE Daily Chances To Win, Free Sports Picks with powered up Betting Bonuses to top brand Partner sites and Passive incomes.

$BET – A Token You Can Bet On!

Traditional gambling has regional, legal or cross border payment issues that has frustrated players worldwide. Leading to the emergence of online crypto betting sites. However many of these platforms focus primarily on the technology and / or payments. Struggling to attract and retain users due to a lack of industry knowledge, community focus, minimal rewards and or marketing and promotions.

The Bet Club is a Token that provides opportunities to share in Betting Partner revenues, get exclusive benefits and access other valued services to token holders. Belong to a strong community of like minded holders, whilst also benefiting from a global wagering community. Even share in partner betting site revenues!

These are just some of the incredible playing, winning and earning benefits and opportunities available to Token holders. This Club has everything from Affiliate Income to Loyalty rewards and Betting Syndicates.

There are simply too many exclusive member offers and bonuses generated by our Gambling partnerships to mention.

Finally, A Token Investors Can Bet On!


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